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Assessments * Child Psychology * Remedial tutoring

The Literacy and Learning Centre offers a services for children & adults with learning difficulties

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Child Clinical Psychology

Diagnostic assessments therapy, and child clinical psychology services

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School Holiday Programmes

Intensive Literacy Programmes for children with specific learning difficulties are run in the school holidays

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Assessment of learning difficulties. Child Clinical Psychology services. Specialist remedial tutoring services. School holiday tutoring programmes.

Please contact the Literacy and Learning Centre if you would like more information about the services provided at the Centre or if you wish to discuss concerns about your child’s learning.


  Why is assessment so important? Accurate assessment of your child’s learning strengths and difficulties is important for appropriate educational planning. It also helps to identify other factors that may be impacting on your child’s learning.   What type of assessments are available? Consultation An initial consultation with a Clinical Psychologist with parents is an important part […]

Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychologists are specialists in the assessment and evidence-based treatment of a wide range of problems. The Clinical Psychologist at the Literacy and Learning Centre provides a range of services. This includes:   Consultations An initial consultation is a crucial with the Clinical Psychologist is a crucial part of the assessment and therapy process.  It provides […]

School holiday tutoring

School Holiday Programmes — December 2017 / January 2018 school holidays What is a Literacy Intensive Programme? Our Literacy Intensive Programmes aim to provide a highly engaging and interactive learning experience for your child. Each day, your child will complete three hours of intensive one-to-one and small-group literacy instruction. Your child will learn vital skills […]

Remedial Tutoring

Following an assessment at the Literacy and Learning Centre, it may be recommended that your child would benefit from remedial tutoring. An assessment forms an essential part of referral to our specialised remedial tutoring programme because it identifies your child’s particular areas of strength and difficulty. This means that programmes can be individualised and targeted at […]